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Why I Guide...


Victor Frankel said, “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our happiness.” My intention is to help support you discovering that space so you can connect to a deeper sense of yourself and others. 


    After three shoulder dislocations and what felt like a failed dream as a performer, I felt rocked and lost. Beating myself up or wishing things would be different was not working, in fact, it had me stuck and feeling hopeless. Through breathwork, movement, meditation, and expression, I began to discover ways to come back to life--to regulate my nervous system, release emotional patterns, and gain acceptance with how it is right now. Creating became a process of reinvention, reconnection, and freedom to allow and transform. I believe that we all have the power to heal. You have everything you need. I'm just here to create a container for you remember who and what you truly are...

It's time to paint your painting,

Forgive yourself,

Move your body because it feels good,

Release fear from your body, 

Take your company to the next level,

Believe in yourself,

Meet yourself.

It's time.


Ways We Can Work Together...

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Using somatic breathwork, creative exercises, and playful collaboration, we will identify what it is you're seeking and design a ritual that allows for in-the-body transformation. 

 Our time together is all about you reconnecting to the wisdom that is innate within you.

My Approach

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My Lineage

BFA - Musical Theater from Ithaca College

200 Hr. Vinyasa Teacher Training - Yoga Vida

75 Hr. Yoga Anatomy Training - Jason Brown

Fellow of Lucid Body Technique

Level Two Reiki Certified with Glowing Heart Reiki School

Certified Meditation Teacher through The Middle Way Meditation of the Theravada Lineage 

Certified Breathwork Facilitator - Level 1-5 with David Elliot

Graduate of UCB Improv Program

Trauma Informed Life Coach through Mastin Kipp

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Photos Created by : Melanie Rivera

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