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Hannah Dubner

"Play is a portal to freedom. And art is the language of the heart. "

Little About Me...

Welcome! I’m Hannah Dubner. I'm an actor, poet and intuitive guide based in Chicago exploring how authentic expression heals. 

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I help curious people like you sense your body so you can create freely in your home, in your office, and in your life. 


I offer trauma-informed yoga, meditation, and breathwork to help you regulate your nervous system, sense the present moment, and express authentically.

“Our collective liberation will awaken through loving awareness, community care, and conscious storytelling."

As an artist, I know quite intimately how limiting beliefs, creative wounds, and perfectionism can get in the way of your creative calling. It’s time to get free. I believe that art is alchemy. Through the process, we get to know ourselves and share what's on our heart. I offer creative coaching for artists looking for a more sustainable way to boldly create their art and fearlessly express. 

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Some ways we can create together...


Stories I'm embodying...


Musings inside the messiness....

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Seeking support?

...I got you. 

Taurus Sun / Pisces Moon / Sagittarius Rising 

Human Design: Projector 6/2 


Definitely a seeker...While I'm Jewish by blood, I've explored Catholicism, Quakerism, Theravada Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism

Pancakes, hiking, dancing wildly, and goats bring me deep joy 

My favorite movie is Matilda, and I absolutely believe in magic

I am the proud mother of fifteen sweet plant creatures


Photos Created by: Melanie Rivera

On the Gram...

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